Have the big electrical contractors passed you up because your project is too small? 

Have a unique idea? Or maybe you just need someone to replace that relay.

groov EPIC is here!

Opto 22 says groov EPIC is "the world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Control system—a brand-new I/O and control system built for the future of automation and designed for the way you work.

groov EPIC gives you guaranteed-for-life I/O, a flexible Linux®-based controller with gateway functions, high-resolution touchscreen, two independent network interfaces, USB and HDMI ports, and software including control programming, groov View for device-independent HMI, Node-RED for simple data flows, and Ignition Edge® for OPC-UA drivers and MQTT/Sparkplug communications—and more."

This is truly a cutting edge control system applicable to a multitude of applications. To find preliminary data sheets and more click the link below.

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Only The Best

Stanford Engineering and Automation proudly installs and supports Opto 22 hardware and software.  Throughout the past 45 years Opto 22 has produced high quality relays and PAC control systems for a fraction of the price of their competitors. Opto 22 suits a rapid development environment and allows for a broad range of applications. Opto 22 PAC systems are programmed using the OptoScript language instead of cumbersome ladder logic. This allows for easier program creation, maintenance and modification costing you less money. Visit Opto 22 page for more information.  

We Understand Operations

Our company president and founder has 18 years of experience in water operations. We understand the needs of managers, owners and operators and are able to create a control system to meet almost any need or budget. Over the years we have installed and maintained a variety of control systems to meet our customers' needs. See a sampling of our work on our Projects page. 

Industrial IoT Certified

The internet of things is here and we are on the cutting edge to bring the data services you need. Would you like to start automatically collecting info in a database? Maybe you would like to have IBM Watson watch your process? No matter your need or idea we can help you find the tech solution you need. Contact us today!

(Don't know what IoT is? Read the primer here.)

Stanford Engineering and Automation designs software, control and information systems that perform a wide variety of tasks  and work outside of the old "cookie cutter" approach. We can enable you to check on your treatment plant from your phone or any device.  Plant data could be automatically recorded and stored  on site or in the cloud for later use. We can design exactly what you need to help you achieve your goals.

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